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Zouk Nightclub Table Cost and Bottle Service Reservations

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Mike Glenn
Mike Glenn
Lead Host at Zouk Nightclub

This featured host works directly for Zouk Nightclub (not for us). They will be the best person to getting the absolute best pricing, table locations, and accommodations. If you're looking for guest list, click here

If you’re looking to book Zouk Nightclub bottle service you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn how bottle service works at Zouk Nightclub Las Vegas.

When you’re finished reading, simply contact Mike Glenn, Lead Zouk Nightclub VIP host by filling out the form on the top or bottom of this page. He will be able to assist you with any questions you may have or make your reservation.

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How much is Zouk bottle service?

Bottle service tables at Zouk Nightclub begin at $2,000. Tables at this price point will be located in the Empire Room. Tables in the main room begin at $6,000. Bottles of alcohol at Zouk Nightclub will begin around $750 for your basic tequila, vodka, etc.

Zouk table price varies greatly depending on the night, how many people are in your group, scheduled performer, and how busy the club is. Holiday weekends and special performances are the most expensive. Check out all upcoming Zouk Nightclub events here.

Your table minimum does not include the 8% tax and 20% gratuity. Sometimes with special performances there will be an additional venue or entertainment fee. Always confirm with your host about any additional charges the venue might have for the night.

Zouk table cost by section:

Your bottle service quote, also known as your table minimum, is the minimum amount you will need to spend before tax, venue fees and gratuity. The chart below will give you a general idea of what to expect.

Table LocationTable Minimum
Empire Room Tier 2$2,000
Empire Room Tier 1$3,000
Main Room Tier 3$6,000
Upper Dance Floor$8,000
Dance Floor$12,000

(The Zouk Table price list above is subject to change based on day of the week and event. Use the form above to contact a VIP host for accurate pricing.)

Zouk Nightclub bottle service menu

Coming Soon.

When should I pay for my table at Zouk?

Please keep in mind, you should never pay or give your payment information until you are at the venue or your Zouk VIP host provides you an official payment link on behalf of the club for a deposit.

There are many scams and websites out there that ask for money upfront, calling it a deposit, which means you are overpaying or getting ripped off.

Again, this is not the case if an official Zouk VIP host provides you a deposit link or you book on the Zouk website.

What is included with Zouk bottle service?

When purchasing bottle service at Zouk, you will receive the following VIP benefits:

  • A Zouk Nightclub VIP host to assist with any questions or issues you have. And to assist getting in more guests.
  • You and your guests will NOT have to pay cover charge to enter the club.
  • VIP Table and seating for the entire night.
  • Cocktail waitress.
  • Server assistant (a busser that will keep your table clear of empty glasses, etc.
  • Security guard in your section.
  • Standard mixers (Soda water, orange juice, pineapple juice and/or cranberry juice).

How does Zouk Nightclub bottle service work?

After contacting a Zouk Nightclub VIP host, he will provide you with different table options. Each table will have a table minimum based on location in the club. For entry level bottle service pricing, and Zouk being a new venue, table minimums will begin at $3000. These tables are usually smaller and located on the outskirts of the venue in what they will call the “Empire Room.”

The table minimum (or bottle service minimum spend) given to you by your host, includes bottles and mixers. For example if you have a $3000 table minimum, you will need to purchase 3-4 bottles. If your 3-4 bottle fall short of $3000 before tax and gratuity, you will need to meet that minimum by buying some waters, Red Bulls or another bottle. Anything over your minimum spend, you are required to pay.

In addition to the information that your Zouk Nightclub host will provide you after messaging them, we’ve written an in depth Q and A guide about Vegas nightclub bottle service.

What is the best table location at Zouk Nightclub and how much does it cost?

The best tables in any nightclub are the dance floor tables. They provide the best views and put you right in the middle of the party. These start at $10,000 depending on who’s performing for the night and can accommodate up to 15 people.

Our personal favorite table is the upper dance floor tables. There are still in the middle of the action, provide an elevated view, but are a little more private as you don’t have people walking in front of you. These tables start at $8,000.

If you really want to go all out, you can request the VIP stage tables. These tables are located right behind the Dj, starting at $15,000 for up to 10 people.

What is the cheapest table at Zouk Nightclub and how much does it cost?

Entry level tables at Zouk Nightclub will begin at a $2000 minimum for 8 people and are located in the “Empire Room,” which still provides a view to the main room, similar to the Pavilion Room at Hakkasan. You can have up to 12 people but the minimum will most likely be raised $500 for each extra person.

Zouk Nightclub Las Vegas map

Zouk Nightclub floor map

Below are some images to give you a general idea of where certain tables are located and what you can expect upon your arrival to Zouk Nightclub (more images coming soon).

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For an accurate quote on Zouk table cost, simply fill out the form below and a Zouk Nightclub VIP host will be in touch shortly.

If bottle service is out of your budget, check out the Zouk Nightclub guest list here.