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Zouk Nightclub Bottle Service Pricing and Table Reservations

zouk nightclub bottle service

Zouk Nightclub VIP Tables

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If you’re looking to book Zouk Nightclub bottle service you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to see bottle service prices, view the menu and learn how table service works at Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Zouk Las Vegas table prices

Table LocationNumber Of GuestsTable Minimum
Best Available Table8$1,000
Back wall8$2,000
Fourth Tier10$2,500
Upper Dance Floor15$6,000
Dance Floor15$8,000

(The Zouk table price list above is subject to change based on day of the week and event. Contact a Zouk VIP host for accurate pricing.)

How much is bottle service at Zouk Nightclub?

Zouk Nightclub bottle service pricing starts at a $1,000 minimum spend. Standard bottles of alcohol at Zouk such as Patron, Grey Goose, etc, start at $750. The Minimum spend does not include 8.375% tax, 15% gratuity, or 12.75% venue fee.

Zouk Las Vegas bottle service costBottle service pricing at Zouk varies depending on the night of the week, how many people are in your group, scheduled performer, and how busy the club is expected to be. Holiday weekends and special performances such as Illenium and Kaskade are the most expensive. Check out all upcoming Zouk Nightclub events.

How does Zouk bottle service work?

After contacting a Zouk VIP host, they will provide you with different table options. Each table will have a minimum spend based on location and number of guests in your group.

All table reservations will be required to meet a certain table minimum amount, which will be communicated to the guest when the reservation is booked. The amount of the minimum spend may differ from the amount you actually spend if you go over your table minimum.

In addition to the information that your Zouk Nightclub host will provide you after messaging them, we’ve written an in depth Q and A guide about Las Vegas bottle service.

What is included with Zouk bottle service?

  • A Zouk Nightclub VIP host
  • Expedited entry into the club. You will NOT need tickets or have to pay to enter the club.
  • Private VIP Table and seating for the entire night.
  • Bottles of alcohol
  • Cocktail waitress
  • Server assistant
  • Security guard
  • Standard mixers (Soda water, orange juice, pineapple juice and/or cranberry juice).

Zouk bottle service menu

zouk bottle service menuzouk bottle menu

What is the best table location at Zouk Nightclub

The best table location at Zouk Nightclub is the dance floor table. This table usually requires a $6,000 to $10,000 minimum spend. These tables are the biggest floor table allowing up to 15 guests, and giving you the best unobstructed view of the DJ booth.

What is the cheapest table at Zouk Las Vegas?

Entry level tables at Zouk can start at $1,000 for “best available table.” Although, there is no specific location, these are usually smaller tables located furthest from the DJ booth. The next cheapest option are the back wall tables, which start at a $2,000 minimum for 8 people. Mike Glenn, Zouk Nightclub lead VIP host suggests the back wall as it provides you with a direct view of the DJ booth, while getting you into Zouk at a good price.

When should I book my table at Zouk?

We recommend inquiring about pricing in advance. This way you can begin communication with your host about Zouk bottle service. You won’t want to wait until the last minute as pricing can increase or table locations can sell out.

Zouk Nightclub Las Vegas map

Zouk Nightclub floor map

Zouk Table Locations

Below are some images to give you a general idea of where certain tables are located and what you can expect upon your arrival to Zouk Nightclub.

Back Wall Table

Zouk Nightclub back wall table

Fourth Tier Table

Zouk Nightclub fourth tier table

Upper Dance Floor Table

Zouk Nightclub upper dance floor table

Dance Floor Table

Zouk Nightclub dance floor table

Get A Zouk Bottle Service Quote

For an accurate quote for Zouk bottle service and VIP table, just complete the form below. A lead host from Zouk Nightclub will contact you shortly to provide pricing and availability details.

If bottle service is out of your budget, check out the Zouk Nightclub guest list.

Bottle Service Reservation Dates

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