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In order to protect the integrity of our content, has a strict policy against allowing editorial favor to be purchased by any advertiser. Taking it one step further, our banner space and advertising programs are based solely on a sort of ‘invitation-only’ basis that requires the vendor or nightclub to already be somewhat popular amongst our visitors as to not provide our audience promotional material that won’t appeal to them.

While unorthodox for most websites, especially in Las Vegas nightlife, this method has proven to be a win-win situation both for site visitors and advertisers alike. Our advertisers enjoy an absurdly high trackable dollar-for-dollar return on their ad buy while reaching an extended audience that hasn’t yet become familiar with their venue or product.

Interested in Advertising on Las Vegas Nightclubs? works primarily with Las Vegas nightlife management groups, casino properties, and related entertainment brands who can receive a direct line of customers from our website. Additionally, we work directly with various leading or innovative alcohol brands, automotive manufacturers, travel websites, and lifestyle companies.

If you feel your brand is a good fit for Las Vegas Entertainment Guides, please e-mail with more information on your company.

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We routinely receive new hangover products, technology gadgets, alcohol, magazines, and anything else loosely related to the Las Vegas nightlife industry. Please make sure to include detailed information on your product including (if applicable) stores where you currently are in distribution, digital logos and product images, and any other relevant information for press use.

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