What is a VIP Host? Your Guide To Las Vegas Nightclub Hosts

Las Vegas Nightclub VIP hosts

What is a VIP Host?

Las Vegas Nightclub hosts are your connections to table and bottle service reservation, and entry at the best events. They are in direct contact with you the customer and are the ones in charge of providing you pricing, availability, and handle any VIP needs at the clubs. You will find a Las Vegas nightclub host at the entrance of the venue at the podium and at the ropes. We provide a list of direct host contacts to every Las Vegas Nightclub and Dayclub on the Strip.

Do I need a VIP Host?

Its extremely helpful to have a direct host at the venue you want to visit so you have someone make sure all your questions get handled. LasVegasNightclubs.com provides a direct list of host contacts for every venue on the Las Vegas strip that is given to us by the club directly. That means you are talking to the best of the best at every club. We have spent 10 years making it easier than ever to learn about the Las Vegas Nightclub process, get accurate pricing, so you can fully enjoy your Las Vegas nightclub experience.

To find your “VIP Host” in Las Vegas, click here for our approved direct Las Vegas club hosts.

Do I need to tip a VIP Host?

It is not required to tip a host, but by taking care of them, they will take care of you. Leaving a tip goes a long way in the nightclub industry. How much should you tip a host? That depends, we normally recommend at least 10% of your table minimum. But it is solely up to you. Maybe they upgraded your table, or maybe you were just happy with how you were treated through the whole process. Read our guide about tipping in Las Vegas to gain a full understanding on how this works.

How do I contact a VIP Host?

Visit our FREE Las Vegas VIP host directory. Each host was chosen by the nightclub or dayclub to answer any questions, give a bottle service quote or provide more information about upcoming events.

Las Vegas Nightclub VIP Host Contacts

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