Marquee Nightclub Promoter

marquee nightclub promoter

If you are interested in getting into Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas you’ve come to the right place as we can add you directly to the guest list on any available day.

Get on the Marquee Nightclub guest list

What Does A Marquee Nightclub Promoter Do?

We are the people who fill the club with people. We will be the best person to getting you into the club quickly, hassle free and free or discounted price.

Do I Need A Marquee Nightclub Promoter?

Yes! Having a promoter at Marquee Nightclub is extremely helpful. We will be able to get you in quicker and cheaper than not having a promoter and coming general admission.  We will also send you not only a confirmation when you sign up for the list, but also a reminder on the day of your event, along with a text with all the rules and offers.

How Do I Contact Marquee Nightclub Promoter?

Click here, fill out the form below and push submit. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details for your event.