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About The Marquee Nightclub Guest List

  • Location: Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino
  • Days Available: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Sign up By: 8:00PM
  • Rules: Men & Women are Free.

Does Marquee Nightclub have a guest list?

Yes! The Marquee guest list is a great way to score free entry into the club and avoid the cover charge. Plus, you’ll get to use a dedicated guest list line, saving you valuable waiting time.

How much is the cover charge at Marquee Nightclub?

If you’re not on the guest list, you will either need to buy tickets or pay the cover charge which can vary depending on the night and special events, typically ranging from $30 to $75 for men and $20 to $50 for women.

For more information about the club, visit our Marquee Nightclub guide.

Is there a fee to join the guest list at Marquee Nightclub?

No, there is never a charge to sign up for the guest list at Marquee.

How do I sign up for the guest list at Marquee?

LasVegasNightclubs.com makes it easy to sign up for the guest list at Marquee. Fill out the guest list form on this page with your name, contact information, number of people in your party, and desired date and we’ll handle the rest!

What are the Marquee guest list rules?

  • Ladies receive free admission and may receive open bar.
  • Men receive free admission in groups 4 or less and in groups with even ratio.

To learn more, read our guide on how the Marquee guest list works.

marquee nightclub guest list

What days is the Marquee guest list available?

Free entry at Marquee is available on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

When does the Marquee guest list close?

Guest list cut-off times can vary by day, but it’s generally around 1am.

What time should I arrive at Marquee if I’m on the guest list?

Plan to arrive by the recommended time (often by 10:30 pm) to avoid lines and guarantee entry before the list closes.

Does gender ratio affect getting on the Marquee guest list?

While anyone can sign up for the guest list at Marquee regardless of your group size, for men, it’s often easier in groups of 4 or less, even ratio groups or groups with more women.

What are some of the benefits of being on the Marquee guest list?

The main benefit is avoiding the cover charge and entering through a dedicated line, saving you time and money.

Are there any downsides to using the Marquee guest list?

There can be limitations like dress code restrictions, specific arrival windows, and potential wait times depending on the day and/or event.

Does the Marquee guest list guarantee entry into the club?

Most of the time, you will have no issues using the guest list if you follow our guidelines and read the rules we provide you. But please know, the club’s management holds the rights to change the guest list rules and availability at any time. This is why we suggest arriving early.

Is there a dress code for the Marquee guest list?

Yes, Marquee has a dress code that leans towards upscale club attire. Learn more about the Marquee dress code rules.

What happens if I arrive at Marquee after the guest list closes?

You’ll have to pay the cover charge and wait in the general admission line.

Are there any drinks included with the Marquee guest list?

Women may receive drink tickets depending on the night. Men, will need to purchase them separately at the bar.

Can I sign up for the Marquee guest list the day of?

Yes, the cut off time to get on the guest list is at 8:00 pm on the day of the event.

Where is the guest list entrance located?

The guest list line at Marquee Nightclub is located on the left side of the club entrance. You will easily find signs that will point you in the right direction to check in.

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