How The On The Record Guest List Works

On The Record Las Vegas

How The On The Record Guest List Works

We are proud to partner with On The Record to provide users free direct guest list access. Simply fill out the RSVP form (at the bottom of this page or here) and you + your guests will be added directly to the guest list that On The Record uses each night. 

It’s as easy as that. No stress. No catches. No surprises when you get there.

Since On The Record often hosts special events with leading artists and concert performances, their guest list rules typically change from week-to-week, and are updated here

After sending us your guest list reservation, you’ll receive confirmation texts from our sister site “” (it’s us, we promise). Follow the simple instructions (arrive by the right time, be in dress code, over age 21, and the correct male-to-female ratio) and you’re all set.

Anything you should be worried about?

You shouldn’t worry, it’s bad for you. For the VAST majority of events (98.9%++), our nightclub partners honor guest lists exactly as described. No worries whatsoever. The exceptions are for very busy holiday weekends (NYE, Memorial Day, Labor Day) and the occasional VERY special guest or performer. 

If you want to double check availability or have any questions, we’re here for you. Simply reply to your confirmation e-mails, texts, or shoot us a message to [email protected].


What’s Included On The On The Record Guest List?

  • Arrive to On The Record by 10:30pm. In dress code. And be at least 21 years old.
  • Both men and women get to avoid that pesky General Admission line, instead flying through the dedicated Guest List line.
  • Club management reserves all rights.


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