LAVO Party Brunch Returns to Las Vegas!

Lavo Party Brunch

Las Vegas doesn’t bend to the whims of the weather, and once the summer comes to a close, the city just takes the parties indoors. Enter LAVO Party Brunch, a staple of the cold season in Sin City. While the pool parties shutter their doors temporarily to wait out the chilly months, Lavo heats up and gives partygoers a respite during the day. Confetti showers, world-renowned DJs, and delicious menus are a few of this well-known venue’s perks. But anyone who has ever been to Vegas knows brunch isn’t the sit-down affair most people associate it with. At LAVO, people go for the booze and bites, but they stay for the atmosphere. From servers dressed up as lobsters to impressive performers and tables that double as dance floors, this is no ordinary outing.

Lavo Party Brunch food The DJ list has yet to be announced for this year’s upcoming LAVO Party Brunch, but previous seasons have seen everyone from Eric D-Lux and Chuckie perform. The music tends to lean toward EDM, House, and top 40 beats, keeping the energy up until the party winds down. The Tao Group venue, which originated in New York, came out to Las Vegas in 2011. Since then, it has offered the perfect option for visitors who are looking for something to do during the day. The artificial warmth brought on by copious amounts of alcohol doesn’t always protect from the bitter windchill Vegas can see between fall and spring… enter LAVO Party Brunch. Attendees can pick from bottomless drink packages or explore the cocktail selections at the full-service bar. If splashing cash is the name of the game during the trip, opting for a table package is a must. Not only does it allow everyone in the group to have a home base, but it lets them peruse the menu extensively and taste what all the hype is about before burning off the calories on the impromptu dance floor.

Lavo Las Vegas

The party brunch returns October 8, and can be joined every Saturday through March, which means there is plenty of time to indulge. Vegas is expecting an influx of new residencies, acts, and festivals over the next year, especially in the upcoming months. With massive overhauls on DJ appearances in the clubs, it’s likely that LAVO’s lineup will rival the rest of the strip’s venues. Sin City is nothing if not competitive, and every party has to offer something the others don’t to draw in the crowds. There is a reason this spot has maintained the title of the best day party for the colder part of the year, and the crown doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The only difference this year is that it is likely to be bigger than ever before, so make sure to book tickets, tables, and guest lists ahead of time, because this is one party no one should miss.