Hakkasan Las Vegas Will Unveil Its New ultramodern light installation During EDC Week 2019

Hakkasan Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of Hakkasan Group

Since its opening in 2013, Hakkasan Las Vegas, located at the MGM Grand, has proven itself to be at the forefront of the nightlife industry in Las Vegas. Its parent company, Hakkasan Group, continues to escalate the nightclub scene globally through the implementation of groundbreaking technology in its many venues located around the world. Hakkasan Group has once again demonstrated its leading status in the industry by revealing the Hakkasan Grid, an ultramodern light installation set to be debuted this month, during EDC Week in May 2019, at Hakkasan Nightclub.

Detailed in a press release issued by Hakkasan Group, the 30-foot lighting spectacle uses state-of-the-art materials obtained from German-brand KINETIC LIGHTS to create a distinctive and immersive experience for nightclub guests in real-time. With the use of 3-D technology, the Hakkasan Grid is comprised of nearly sixty 4-foot triangles that effortlessly combine and work together to create a revolutionary visual experience in the nightclub industry. As the largest kinetic light installation in the United States, it is evident that Hakkasan Group not only establishes high standards for the nightlife scene but also sets architectural records.

Hakkasan Nightclub grid rendering
Photo Courtesy of Hakkasan Group