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Until guest list at Drai's After Hours returns, only bottle service and general admission tickets are available.

About Drais After Hours Guest List

  • Location: Cromwell Hotel & Casino
  • Days Available: NO GUEST LIST
  • Sign up By:
  • Rules:

Does Drai’s After Hours have free guest list?

Yes! After signing up, arrive at Drais After Hours by 4:30am, in dress code and be at least 21 years old. Both men and women get to avoid that pesky general admission line. Instead you will be flying through the dedicated guest list line.

What does being on the Drais After Hours guest list get me?

Women are free and don’t have to pay cover or buy tickets. Men will get a line pass (so you don’t have to wait), but will still have to pay $35.

Groups of all men should consider bottle service.

And remember that club management reserves all rights and can change the rules or cut off the guest list line at anytime.

What is the Cover Charge at Drais After Hours?

If visiting Drais After Hours as general admission, men will pay $35 and women pay $25 for entry while having to wait for 20-45 minutes to enter (as this is the best after hours club in Las Vegas). For holidays and special events, entry is higher and the wait is longer therefore you need to purchase tickets.

Drais After Hours Dress Code:

Want a simple tip to stay within dress code at Drais After Hours? Dress code is strict, especially for men so just dress like you’re going out! It’s as easy as that. You’re partying at a great club in a fashionable hotel, with other people who made sure to look like they tried.

That doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by their dress code – don’t be, but just remember: dress like you’re going out. For more information, read our complete Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide.

How To Get To Drais After Hours:

Drais After Hours entrance is located on the main floor of the Cromwell Hotel & Casino. You’ll easily find the entrance to the club on the north side of the casino floor, which will be to your right if arriving via valet, or to your left if arriving through the Strip entrance of the Cromwell Hotel.

How do I get on the Drais After Hours guest list?

Fill out the guest list form on this page. Once submitted you will receive an email confirmation and your name will be added to the After Hours guest list for the date selected.

There is no guest list at Drai's After Hours at this time.

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