What Days Are Vegas Nightclubs Open?

Yes! All clubs are open in Vegas! In this guide, you can view all clubs open in Las Vegas during the week.

What days are vegas nightclubs open?

There are clubs open in Las Vegas every night of the week, but not everyone of them is open. Monday, expect to find Jewel Nightclub open. Tuesday is known for Omnia. Wednesday, you can find, EBC At Night and Marquee open. Thursday night you can choose from Zouk, Hakkasan and Tao. Friday and Saturday, every Las Vegas nightclub is open! And to end the week, Sundays offer you XS Nightclub, Marquee and Drai’s.

Are Las Vegas nightclubs open during the week?

You might think that nightclubs are only open on Friday and Saturday nights, but you’re wrong. Las Vegas is a 24/7 town, therefore the demand to go out is there seven days a week. Vegas has some of the hottest nightclubs in the world, and you can bet, they will be open during the week.

Are vegas clubs busy on weekdays?

Yes they are. The clubs open in Vegas during the week are busy not only with club-goers, but with locals on their day off, convention goers, and other tourists in town making some of the clubs open midweek, just as busy as the weekend. You can expect to see top tier DJs, live performances, celebrities and special events Monday through Thursday, just like you would on the weekends.

What is the best day of the week in vegas?

The truth is, Friday and Saturday are the best and busiest nights in Vegas. But if you’re not looking to break the bank, and wait in extremely long lines, Tuesday and Thursdays are the best. These days offer some of the hottest clubs in Vegas to be open such as Omnia, Hakkasan and Zouk. But you can also expect shorter wait times, lower pricing on bottle service, and personally better crowds as many nightclub industry people such as cocktail waitresses will be out partying.