Zouk Nightclub Tickets

Purchase your Zouk Nightclub tickets directly to all of their events in Las Vegas.

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How Much Are Tickets For Zouk Nightclub In Las Vegas?

Tickets start at $30 – $50 for women and $50+ for men. Expect to pay more for special events and bigger DJs such as Tiesto and Zedd. If you decide to show up without tickets, you will have to pay a cover charge at the door which will end up costing you more. You will also risk the chance of not getting in due to long lines and capacity issues.

Where To Purchase Zouk Nightclub Tickets?

Zouk Las Vegas tickets can be purchased directly through the Zouk website. Click here for Zouk Nightclub ticketing site. This ensures the tickets will be valid, easily scanned at the entrance, and guaranteed for entry.

Which Events Are Zouk Tickets Needed For?

Tickets must be purchased for every event at Zouk Las Vegas, and at this time entry to the events is for tickets and table reservations only. There is no guest list at this time for Zouk Nightclub. See all upcoming events for Zouk Las Vegas.