What Time Do Clubs Close In Las Vegas?

What Time Do Clubs Close In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for its vibrant club scene, boasting multiple top-tier nightclubs open every day of the week. While some may not realize it, these nightclubs do have closing times. Typically, Las Vegas clubs close around 4:00 am, although this can vary depending on the popularity of events. Holiday weekends or particularly popular events may extend into the early morning hours. The beauty of Las Vegas is that there’s always something happening.

After the clubs close, there are still plenty of options to keep the party going. After-hours clubs, such as Drais After Hours, pick up where the regular clubs leave off, opening around 2 am and continuing into the early morning. Another option is the array of Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Whether you choose an after-hours club or a strip club, the fun doesn’t stop when the regular clubs shut their doors for the night.

It’s worth noting that even after the clubs close, alcohol continues to flow in Las Vegas. Unlike some other cities, alcohol can be served 24/7, so you’ll never have trouble finding a bar while exploring the Strip.