Drai’s After Hours to celebrate 25 years of late-night parties

drai's after hours

Drai’s is getting ready to celebrate a big birthday anniversary, and you’re invited. October 15 is the official 25th birthday bash for Drai’s After Hours, commemorating when the club first opened back in 1997 and set the precedent for after-hours parties everywhere. To this day, the venue remains one of the only places you can rage past the standard club hours, leaving the darkened rooms well after the desert sun has begun to rise on the strip.

The actual party will be held in the basement portion, Drai’s After Hours, running back the clock to where it all began 25 years ago. One thing fans of the (now) Hip Hop oriented club might not realize is that when it first opened, the swanky spot played a great deal of House music, bringing on famous DJs to wow the tipsy crowds as they danced the night and morning hours away. For this epic festivity, the website is promoting the one-night-only return of the original music scene, bringing back the House beats to relive what made them so popular back in the beginning. Even if you prefer Hip Hop, this party is not one you want to miss, since Drai’s never skimps out on a celebration. The management team knows how to go big – because they don’t want anyone going home (too early that is).

The rooftop club, which came along once the after-hours space had already become a renowned name among the rich and famous and elite, is no second fiddle, though. Constantly featuring some of the top artists from the Hip Hop genre on its main stage, the Drai’s which sits on the 11th floor of the Cromwell Hotel is just as coveted as its below-deck counterpart. And without the basement lounge, the rooftop venue likely wouldn’t be where it is on the rankings of top nightclubs in the city. Victor Drai knew when he first opened the restaurant in the Barbary Coast Casino that he had a piece of gold on his hands, and now you can enjoy the fruits of his success alongside locals and visitors in the lavish settings.

Tickets are starting at $40 for females and $60 for males, but tables are also available for anyone looking to splash some cash. The venue opens at 1:30 a.m. but you can stay and play until it closes at 6:30 a.m. if you dare. You never know where the night might take you at an after-hours spot in Sin City, but lucky for you, everyone else will likely be indulging in some debauchery of their own – so find a dark corner and get ready to party.

drais after hours 25 year anniversary