6 Las Vegas Nightclub Halloween Costume Rules You Must Follow

Las Vegas Nightclub Halloween Costume Rules

Halloween in Las Vegas is like no other. Clubs in Vegas are known for throwing some of the wildest parties and hosting some insane consume contests. Therefore, we want to make you aware of the rules for what you can and cannot wear for Halloween weekend at each Las Vegas nightclub. Each hotel and casino can have slightly different rules, but following the list below will ensure your safety and compliance while out and about on The Strip during Halloween.

What Can I Wear To The Clubs For Halloween Weekend?

Costumes and upscale nightlife attire are allowed. All costumes are welcomed as long as they aren’t offensive, rude or bullying in nature to other guests. You must wear shoes. Fashionable sneakers are permitted if you’re in costume.

What Costumes Are Prohibited?

Offensive or culturally insensitive costumes are NOT allowed. No costumes suggesting or promoting illegal narcotics. Guests may not wear costumes that indicate they are police, security or any type of law enforcement.

Can I Wear A Mask Or Use Face Paint?

Yes, but please note the following: Costumes that cover or alter the facial features of a guest must be able to be removed to allow for the ID checking process. If you alter your appearance beyond being able to distinguish your identity with photo ID you will not be permitted to enter the venue, or will be required to remove enough makeup to establish your identity.

Can I Wear Body Paint?

No. You cannot partially or fully be covered in any type of body paint as it is not allowed.

Can I Wear Pasties?

Absolutely no nudity, pasties, sexually suggestive, or lewd costumes allowed.

Can I Bring Props?

Toy weapons are not allowed. This includes plastic swords, guns, etc. Please visualize all props. Any props that can possibly be used as a weapon are not permitted. Also note, costume with stilts are no longer allowed.

If you follow these rules, we can tell you that you won’t have any issues getting into the the nightclub Halloween events on The Strip. Click here to view all the upcoming Halloween club events.