John Summit at LIV Beach

John Summit at LIV Beach

Upcoming John Summit Performances at LIV Beach

John Summit, an American DJ and producer, has made notable contributions to the house music genre. His tracks, including “Deep End” and “Make Me Feel,” have earned him considerable recognition in the EDM scene. Emerging as a rising talent, Summit’s music frequently graces the sets of renowned DJs and enjoys widespread support from fans globally. Currently, he maintains a residency at LIV Beach at the Fontainebleau, Las Vegas, showcasing his skills and captivating audiences as part of his 2024 schedule.

Where can I see John Summit?

John Summit has a DJ residency at LIV Beach in Las Vegas. LIV is located inside The Fontainebleau which can be found at 2777 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

How much do John Summit tickets cost?

Tickets to see John Summit at LIV Beach cost $40 for women and $75 for men.

How can I see John Summit for free?

All John Summit events in Las Vegas offer a FREE guest list. Both men and women can join our guest list.

What time does John Summit show start?

John Summit’s DJ set and concert at LIV Beach begins at 3PM and ends at 5PM.