Jackify Tours

What is Jackify? Reserve a Jackify all access weekend wristband and you’ll receive our schedule of three pools and three nightclubs between Friday and Sunday. Simply arrive to the meetup locations for the events that you’d like to attend and we will handle everything for you. Our groups of between 50 and 150 people receive expedited entry past the long lines of club goers, avoid paying cover charges and even receive the occasional surprise open bar. Even better? You’ll get access to our team of expert nightlife hosts throughout the weekend who can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Unlike the party tours that have you racing from club-to-club all in one evening, Jackify weekends give you the freedom and flexibility to come to any, or all, of the nightclubs and pools that we are scheduled to attend throughout the Friday – Sunday weekend. It’s a pretty cool setup.

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