Ryan Labbe.


If not originally from Las Vegas, were did you grow up and what brought you to Las Vegas? 

I’m originally from Providence, RI moved to Las Vegas June of 2011 after an extended Birthday weekend. I had been in all aspects of nightlife back home from the ground up since I was 18, and had an opportunity to work on a project  in Las Vegas and took it as a chance to break into nightlife here.

How long have you worked in the Las Vegas entertainment industry?

Since June of 2011 I have worked on and off in the Nightlife industry in Las Vegas due to traveling for different projects I have yet to settle down completely in Las Vegas

What do you find to be beautiful? 

It depends what we are talking about here! In life: success and happiness. In friendship: loyalty, truth and trust. In ladies: confidence (not Cockiness), self-motivation, with a good mix of work and play. Oh, and probably dark hair and olive complexion!

Describe your perfect day? 

Waking up getting everything accomplished, creating new opportunities, then either relaxing or heading out with friends.

What hobbies, hidden talents, and activities do you enjoy? 

I like adventurous activities and trying anything new that doesn’t involve heights. If it goes fast chances are I’ll enjoy it.


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