Ronn Nicolli – Dir. of Strategic Marketing, Tryst & XS 
Ronn Nicolli was born in Youngstown, Ohio, and is a graduate of Youngstown State University with degree in Advertising and Marketing. When he arrived in Las Vegas 5 years ago, Ronn’s life was based on fitness and health. This inspired him to open his own personal training and injury rehabilitation clinic, and, when he felt that it was time to pursue other opportunities, he said goodbye to the clinic and traded his career in for a low-level position at a LaBete Nightclub in Wynn Las Vegas Resorts. In the time since, he hasn’t looked back and has only taken great strides forward within the industry.

Ronn has worked for Tryst and XS for over 3 years, and has learned directly from mentor and managing partner Jesse Waits. Ronn has since then been promoted to a high-level management position. In taking his new role within the nightclub, Ronn enjoys his constant opportunity to work with so many great people. In spite of his many successes, Ronn makes every attempt to remain humble about everything. He would rather be behind the scenes controlling the action than to be directly a part of the action. As Director of Marketing, Ronn oversees the planning, development and implementation of events, advertising, and the overall marketing of both Tryst and XS. When asked what important things Ronn would like people to know about him, he tells us “in this day in age where so little thought is put into Loyalty, Respect, and Class. I base my day to day life experiences on these three fine qualities.”