Mike Kelly.

How long have you lived in Las Vegas?

I have called Vegas home for the last 6 years.

As a local, what drives you to constantly be active on the strip and in nightlife?

I am drawn to activities on the strip and nightlife for a few reasons.  One, many of my close friends work and organize events for such venues.  I like interacting with, and definitely enjoy supporting them.  I am a huge fan of EDM, and nowhere else can one experience the magnitude of talent in music than in the nightlife scene.  I must also admit that it provides the largest body of free entertainment I’ve come to call Interacting with Creatures.  The amount of hilarity involved with the wide range of drunks, ugly dancers, incredibly strange conversations, strangers, and just plain weirdos has accounted for some of the best, and finest nights out.

What do you find to be beautiful?

I generally find beauty in confidence, intelligence, a great sense of humor, and a willingness to have a great time.

Describe your perfect day:

My perfect day would have to start with actually obtaining a real night’s sleep, and would be  followed by time spent with friends and family.  I envision a barbeque, the beach, and maybe a milkshake.

What hobbies, hidden talents, and activities do you enjoy?

I’ve always been a nerd in disguise, but find lots of enjoyment in active outdoor adventures.  I take pride in my graphic design skill sets, and love toys that go fast (motorcycles, bikes, wave runners, cars, etc).  From time to time I still get excited to play around in gymnastics training centers, and pretend I can still do the skills from my past career of 15 years in the sport.

Are you involved in any side businesses, projects, or charities?

Besides my involvement as a forensic structural engineer, I have been a cast member in American Storm and enjoy a small side business with graphic design.  I guess some would also consider me an unpaid employee of Tony Cress Personal training as well.

 If we were to select the 2013 Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, who would you nominate to be included?

Not an easy question.  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many beautiful and exceptional people in my time here, it would be tough to name them all.


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