Katrina Cheri


Deadliest Catch Interview:

Where are you from: I’m a San Diego Native.

What do you do for a living: I am a party facilitator, AKA, cocktail waitress for light group currently bringing the sunshine to Liquid Pool in Aria

What is something interesting about you: My middle name is interesting. Currently I just recently got my cat’s paw prints and the name of my future animal sanctuary on my side. On tues I volunteer at bonnie ranch and help and groom the animals

Name 3 things that attracts you to the opposite sex:

1. Nice teeth/smile

2. Smells good

3. Has to have sense of humor

Name 3 things that attracts the opposite sex to you:

1. My big… Personality.

2. My kind heart

3. My pouty lips help.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now: I plan on having my own no kill animal sanctuary and summer camp for underprivileged children  where people can vacation and donate. I live in Vegas to make life long friendships with others that are interested in being apart of the healing

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