Josh Strickland.

How long have you lived in Vegas?

I have live in Las Vegas for 3 and half years now.

What do you find to be beautiful?

I find someone to be beautiful when they are confident in what they want, not only out of life, but professionally as well. Someone with ambition and drive. And it doesn’t hurt to have a sexy look!

Describe your perfect day.

I would have to say just hanging with my loved ones, and enjoying time together with either cocktails, pool time, beach, or even just seeing movies.

What hobbies, hidden talents, and activities do you enjoy?

I really love to bake and create things with my hands , I also love to ride bikes, and hike.

Are you involved in any side businesses, projects or charities we can plug within your profile?

Well my music I love doing in the studio, and creating songs for people to enjoy, like report to the floor and last dance, but definitely have a passion for the NVSPCA no kill shelter, love helping out in any way that I can when it comes to animals, and I also have a passion for adoption for children as well, as I am an adoptive child.

If we were to select the 2013 Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, who would you nominate to be included?

sophia monica, she is not only a great dancer in Peepshow, but also the lead singer at Pussycat dolls at gallerie. Of course my BFF holly madison, and of course my Boyfriend Todd πŸ™‚ lol


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