What do you get when you combine a hit-making MC, a stage full of incredible talent, an amazing production, and insanely great musical collaborations? The answer is: Drake’s Club Paradise tour.

Drake says, “Club Paradise has been something that I’ve crafted, it’s like a meeting place for fans of the music that I’ve put out to really see the songs come alive.”

Not only is the Club Paradise Tour a place for fans to see their favorite music come to life, but it is also a rather interesting fusion of the Take Care MC’s ideas coming together in one masterful production. “This summer run is the one where I said to myself, okay, it’s been awhile since there’s been a tour where you can come and hear pretty much anybody that has one of your favorite songs or anybody that has a song that you listen to on the way to the club or in the club,” he continues, “So what I wanted to do was overextend myself a bit from a budget and production standpoint and give people an absolutely stunning show from top to bottom and that’s what this Club Paradise tour is.”

The megastar intends to give concert goers a night that they will never forget, revealing, “With the stage, with every act that comes out, something about the stage changes. So when French, who’s the first performer, starts, the stage will look one way, and then Meek will come out and it’ll look different… it’s an ever-evolving stage to get to the headlining act, which is myself. It’s going to keep people’s attention.”

Drake has not only brought a superstar lineup to the stage in the Club Paradise Tour, he is setting himself apart from the norm with a show that is more of a “festival” experience. “On this tour, I encourage people to get there early because it’s more of a festival vibe if anything,” he explains. “It’s outdoors, it’s summertime. If you’re coming to see the Club Paradise tour, it should be a day. You go, you eat lunch, you make sure you’re well-fed. You start drinking early and you start having fun early and you come see your favorite acts. We’ll go all the way from 6PM to 11PM together. That’s what’s different about it. It’s a longer experience to me. Especially for summertime.”

Out of the hit making performers that are joining Drake on the Club Paradise tour, rapper 2 Chainz is expected to be a fan favorite. “I think he’s gonna conquer on this tour,” Drake admits. “I know that some of [the performers] are at very early stages in their career as far as being exposed to the world and getting bigger. Guys like French and guys like Meek, who are really exciting to people, and they’re building their fanbases. And then you’ve got guys like Waka, Cole and myself, who have been in this position for awhile but definitely know how to get up on that stage and give the people what they want.”

The fans who predict some amazing musical collaborations coming together on this tour should hold on tight. The Cash Money star says, “I guess it’s safe to say now, anybody I didn’t have a song with before, I have a song with now. I made sure of that. Along with this tour, fans are also going to get some exciting new musical material that will probably end up dropping a few days before the tour so that we can perform it on tour.”

“Maybe the last few nights it’s a collaboration show,” Drake continues. “Maybe we do all our songs onstage together… Making exciting moments for people. You’re looking forward to the moment where me and French do ‘Stay Schemin,’ or me and Meek do our song together that we have, or me and 2 Chainz do the record that he’s about to drop, his first single for his album. It’s summertime, it’s the time for new music.”

After the tour stops, a new album can be expected in the near future. As usual, the music evolves with the man. Drake says, “I am at a very, very different place than I have ever been which is very focused on myself. I’m really focused on my health, my body, my mind. I really want to be the very best I can be…inspired by people. It’s going to be a very interesting album definitely.”

by Angelique Christina, Angelique@LasVegasNightclubs.com.