Adriana Carrillo-Hsu

Deadliest Catch Interview:

Where are you from: New York City, New York

What do you do for a living: DJ

What is something interesting about you: I graduated from college with 3 bachelors degrees & 2 associates degrees.

Name 3 things that attracts you to the opposite sex:

1. Someone that can make me laugh.

2. Someone who knows music, aside from what is on the radio & pre-1990.

3. Someone w| a sick kick game.

Name 3 things that attracts the opposite sex to you:

1. I’m asian & latin.

2. I always smile.

3. I love sports; baseball, basketball, football, you name it… especially, NY teams!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now:

Based out of LA, starting to have a family (if I hadn’t already), traveling the world DJing & spending time in the studio singing & working w| amazing producers to make hit records, & spending all my free time w| family & friends making unforgettable memories.

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