Tips On Traveling Alone to Vegas!

Our forum member sanj asked this question about visiting Vegas by himself:

“I am travelling alone in Sept, and wanted to know where it would be good for someone alone to go. I have a conference, but then after that I plan to have few days from thurs-sun for myself, but I wanted to know where I could stay and go. Is it best suited for someone alone to go to any of the clubs, or is it best to stay at the bar lounges. Also I would like to go to one of the pool parties would it look odd for me to be alone. I am hoping to meet new people where ever I go, but need to know which is suited to a lone traveller. I am thinking of staying either encore, cosmo, bellagio or venetian. But has bellagio got a pool party though, i like the look of the hyde club, seems like a an older crowd as I am in my early 40s as well. Any advice on what I can do without being alone being a problem.”


Forum member responses:


“Hey Sanj. You’re never alone in Vegas! Always new friends to make! You’ve started in the right place. You may meet others before you even get there. I’ve heard some great stories about people by themselves in Vegas having a great time.”

Here check out this TR. Should give you some insight!…man-on-a-quest



“It’s really up to you and what your preference is and what your personality is like. Many of the regulars on this board will suggest to stick to the main clubs/pool parties as you won’t have a problem meeting new people. However, you have to be open to talk to people that you don’t know and making friends.”


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