Reader Question: How Many Strippers Are There In Las Vegas?

We at uphold our sworn duty to help find the absolute truths for each and every hard-hitting question our readers can throw at us, even when it means grabbing a pen and pad to calculate the population of some of our city’s most-elusive workers. 

Jon W from Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote in asking: “How many strippers do you think are employed in Vegas? 10k? 25k?”

First, it’s necessary to understand that a large number of exotic dancers aren’t actually full time entertainers, but rather women (and men) who work as needed each month until they hit a desired stack of cash.

It’s extremely common for them to fly into Vegas — especially from Southern California, to work for a few days and head home when they’ve had their fill. 

So, how exactly does one attempt to count a nomadic tribe of part time lap jockeys?

It helps to know people.

I reached out to Shai Cohen, Director of Marketing for Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club — the largest strip club on earth, for his ballpark estimation of how many strippers grace our fair city. 

His answer? 20,000. Yes, twenty-freaking-thousand strippers.

Justin Lohrman, Assistant General Manager of Crazy Horse III — a favorite late night hangout of ours, concurs with the 20,000 estimate.

To put that into perspective, the recently built T-Mobile arena, which housed the infamous Mayweather / McGregor fight, holds a max capacity of 20,000 attendees.

Meaning you could theoretically host an event (real estate school?) and fill the place floor-to-ceiling with Vegas strippers and still have enough to dancers left over to staff your favorite strip club happy hour.

And if there’s a better group of 20,000 ladies who embody the fundamental ethos of “grinding out the work day,” well, I sure haven’t met them.