New Year’s Eve Style Dos and Don’ts: Ladies, Take Note!

OK, so your New Year’s Eve party plans are locked and loaded. The second-most-important ingredient for a perfect evening? A fabulous outfit, of course. Follow these dos and don’ts for a New Year’s Eve look that stuns—in a good way.


White Jackets. With all that chilly weather and firework-viewing, keeping warm on New Year’s Eve can be a challenge. A winter white jacket is the perfect way to avoid freezing while standing out in your crisp blazer, rather than disappearing into the crowd in a super dark outfit.

Sparkly Pants. It isn’t always necessary to wear a dress on New Year’s Eve, but it is important to dress up. Do it with a pair of tight-fitting, sparkly pants.

Statement Bib Necklaces. If your neckline lacks luster on a basic dress, add a bib necklace to elevate the look for the big night.

Red Heels. The holidays aren’t over yet! Wear a pair of red heels with a black, navy, or metallic dress to get everyone checking you out from head to toe.



Wedges. Wedges are for daytime beach vacations. Leave these chunky shoes by the pool.

Knee-high Strappy Heels. Your look will venture quickly from classy to trashy if you wear a heel with super-strappy lacing.

Double-Finger Rings. Double-finger rings are best with jeans or a casual dress. These baubles too heavy for a New Year’s Eve look.

Hats. A hat can make your New Year’s Eve look become too much of a costume. Avoid them at all costs unless they say “Happy New Year” and you are only wearing it for one quick Instagram photo.

Boots. We love boots for daytime or a trendy night out with the girls, but December 31 is all about sexy heels.



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