Men’s Club Fashion: What to Wear This Winter

Las Vegas has two seasons: hot and cold. Many first-time visitors to the city aren’t aware of how low the temperature can dip during the winter months—especially at night. Don’t let the chill in the air cool your late-night plans by underdressing for the weather—or worse, dressing out of style.

We spoke with two men’s fashion experts, visual merchandiser Justin Van-Burems and floor manager Paul Ferrer, both at Ted Baker London in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, to get the skinny on the top winter trends in clubwear for guys.


Q: What are the new looks for hitting the clubs this winter?

Van-Burems: Prints are becoming more popular, things like geometric shapes. Pairing a louder top with a nice V-neck so you get that color pop, with dark denim pants. A guy can also do statement ties if he’s not comfortable with doing the louder printed shirt.

Men are accessorizing more. You keep it neutral with the sweater and pants, and then have a little fun with your collar or your cuff and shoe.

Ferrer: I’m seeing lots of bowties.

Van-Burems: Or even hats. Goorin Bros. has a phenomenal selection of hats. Guys are wearing fedoras with a V-neck. I see men throw a feather in their hat.

The ’70s are coming back. You see a lot of inspiration from Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams. There is definitely a nod to that decade.

Ferrer: A lot of men are purchasing leather jackets. Also, this season is definitely the time to a have a nice, long trench coat—any color, any style. We started selling them as soon as the weather changed a couple degrees. You can go casual with them; you can wear one with a regular shirt, or you can wear it with a suit.


Q: Do you recommend setting fashion goals?

Van-Burems: I like to buy statement pieces. Maybe three times a year I’ll splurge on something that I typically wouldn’t spend money on: “OK, I need more pants. I want a statement pant.” My wardrobe has grown immensely with these pieces that get a lot of attention when I’m out at the club. I think that’s really important for guys—to spoil themselves and find that one piece that they’re not going to find anywhere else, and build their wardrobe from that.

I won’t go to H&M and buy a fake leather jacket—or even a real leather jacket. I’ll buy it from AllSaints or another quality manufacturer. I’m going to keep it in my wardrobe for years. I think that’s something most guys don’t do. Get some mileage out of your clothes.


Q: What are the big no-no’s you see for guys in club fashion? Clothes that make it past the door but shouldn’t?

Van-Burems: Guys need to know their fit. They wear things too big. Some guys are too scared to go down to the slimmer fit.

Ferrer: Your shirt should be fitted. Slimmer jeans, too. Slimmer-fitting pants in general.

Van-Burems: And you can’t wear the Walmart dress shoe.


Q: If I was shopping for a new winter nightlife wardrobe, what are the essential items I’d need to get first?

Paul Ferrer: A blazer and a good pair of shoes.

Van-Burems: Every guy needs a go-to blazer, something classic that is versatile and can take you day to night. You can pair that with denim. I like to wear T-shirts in the club with my blazer to kind of dress it down. And some sort of accessory, like a hat. For the guy who’s not comfortable with that, a nice watch. A nice Michael Kors—you can’t go wrong with a little statement piece like that.



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