Everything you need to know about Las Vegas 2016 pool auditions

2016 Las Vegas Pool Auditions:

It might not seem like summer is coming because of the recent weather, but it is time for Vegas Pool Party Auditions!! The pools are a great seasonal job in Las Vegas because of the hours, the money you make, and because it is a ton of fun. Pool parties have become a huge success here in Vegas and some of the DJ line ups are incredible. Some of these include Diplo, Kaskade, David Guetta, Zedd, Calvin Harris, and Afrojack. Imagine working in a nightclub but during the day. There is loud music, people spending thousands of dollars just to spray champagne on each other, people throwing money in the air and beautiful people strutting around in tiny bikinis. Working in a Las Vegas pool party is not all fun and games though. There are marketing requirements, outings, and guest list requirements. But trust me, it’s worth it. Below are a few dates for pool auditions around the city.

Encore Beach Club – January 14-15 Auditions will also be casting for Intrigue, Surrender, and XS. Located in Latour ballroom in the Wynn Meeting space. Positions for cocktail servers (9am-12pm both days), server assistants (12pm-2pm both days), bartenders (2pm-4pm Thursday only), lifeguards (1pm-2pm Friday only), security and VIP hosts (2pm-4pm Friday only). Sign up at wynncareers.com.

Wet Republic – January 11-15 (12pm-4pm) Auditions will also be casting for Jewel, Bare and Liquid Pool. Located inside Hakkasan Nighclub. Positions for cocktail servers, bartenders, barbacks, and runners. Positions for porter, steward, promoters, security, and guest list moderators are on January 11-13 (11am-6pm) and January 18-20 (11am-6pm) inside of Omnia Nightclub.

Drais Beachclub – January 14-16 (11am-5pm) Online it says business casual attire. Positions for cocktail servers, server assistants, bartenders, barbacks, lifeguards, cooks, hosts, promoters, security, and cashiers. Located on the Drais Rooftop.

Daylight Beachclub – January 19-20 (11am-6pm) Located inside Light Nightclub. Positions for cocktail servers, bartenders, barbacks, bussers, porters, food runners, and security.

Marquee Dayclub – January 24, 28, 30, 31 (12pm-5pm) and January 29  (11am-4pm) Auditions will also be casting for Tao Beachclub.

Rehab – January 9-10 (11am-3pm) Positions for cocktail servers, server assistants, bartenders, barbacks, and food runners located inside Body English Nightclub. Wear swimsuits and sneakers. Positions for VIP hosts, promoters, security, lifeguards and cashiers are on January 14-15 (1pm-4pm) located in the Muse Hall come dressed in pool attire.

Foxtail – January 13-14 (11am-6pm) Positions for cocktail servers, server assistants, VIP hosts, security, lifeguards, food runners, and bartenders. Located at the Foundry.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before going into the audition:

  • The audition process can last hours, there are thousands of people that audition so it helps to get there early.
  • Bring snacks and water.
  • Wear a bikini and high heels or wedges if you are a female. (Drais, however is Business casual).
  • Full hair and make-up.
  • Be prepared to explain your work history, why you would be good for this job, and also a fun fact about yourself.
  • Audition for more than one pool to better your odds.
  • Most places will require a drug test at a further date.
  • Bring a photo and resume.