Las Vegas Nightclub Promoters vs Hosts

Las Vegas Hosts vs Promoters

What’s The Difference Between Las Vegas Nightclub Hosts and Promoters?

In many major cities around the United States and beyond, a “nightclub promoter” or “nightclub host” is the person (or persons) who is hired / contracted to manage a specific night at a given club, thereby making them the person in charge and the go to for anything and everything you’d need at that nightclub on that night. 

That’s not how things work in Las Vegas.

To start, very rarely (and we mean rarely) will you see an outside promoter in Las Vegas who is actually completely in charge of a specific night at any of the major clubs on the Strip.

Each of the clubs are run by large management companies, who do all marketing, events, booking, promotions, and all things in between in house.

Sometimes they work with companies like ours for help with an event, but they still completely manage the door, the venue, and merely work with us on programming and promoting the event. And, either way, we aren’t considered “promoters” in that situation. 

So while you will run into “Las Vegas promoters” and “Las Vegas hosts,” they are generally employees who work for the venue, and this is what they do:

Las Vegas Nightclub Hosts: Their job is primarily to book and manage table service clients, though they are definitely able to help with guest lists, getting people through the line, etc. 

Las Vegas Nightclub Promoters: Their job is primarily to get people to the club (guest list, general admission, discounted admission), but are also able to assist with table reservations. 

The “club promoter” you’re used to back home, doesn’t do exactly what you’re thinking of in Las Vegas nightclubs.

So what is considered? is an online planning guide who works directly with all of the major nightclubs.

We aren’t considered a host, a promoter, or even an independent host, but because of our substantial nightlife planning traffic, all of the nightclubs and pool parties work with us as advertising partners and allow us to give you free direct access to their lead hosts and direct submissions into the actual guest lists they use each night at the door.