The Seven Worst Things to Do in a Nightclub

The Seven Worst Things to Do in a Nightclub

Attention, posers and bottle rats. Yeah, you. The ones in the corner sucking on Jäger and stumbling around in your too-high heels. We see you. At, we love Vegas nightlife—the music, the hotties, the way each night brings a new adventure. But every once in a while, we see partygoers pulling the kind of obnoxious behavior that’ll clear the room faster than an ill-timed Britney Spears song. Don’t be that person. Check out this list of nightclub faux pas and see if any of them apply to you.

7. Bottle safaris – You know, when cute girls hop from table to table, chatting up the VIPs…and snatching up drinks to give to their guy friends. Related move: walking in with your girls, getting a free table, then having a bunch of guys join you at the last minute. Like it or not, Vegas nightlife survives on dudes spending money. Playing bait and switch will get you dirty looks—and you might not get comped in the future.

6. Tag-teaming creepers –  Guy #1: Hovers around you staring, grinding up on you and suffocating you with his not-so-minty breath. Guy #2: “Wow, I don’t even know that guy and I’m embarrassed for him. So sorry you have to deal with that…So, are you here with anyone?” Yeah, we saw that episode of The Pickup Artist, too.

5. Excessive PDA – Nightclubs are sexy. That’s why we go. But just because Chris Brown sings about putting your panties to the side, this is not an invitation to do so on the dance floor. Get a room! In fact, it’s Vegas, so you probably already have one. Take advantage.

4. Stiffing the servers – If you went to a party at someone’s house, you’d be polite so you’d be invited back, right? The same principle applies at clubs. Servers walk miles around the floor every night, cleaning up spills, dealing with drunk people—and somehow managing to look hot while doing it. Show them some love, preferably in the form of cash mon-ay.

3. Making it rain – This is a high-level move. Unless you have a stack of hundreds that you can truly afford to lose, do not attempt.

2. Dudes wearing sunglasses in the club –  This douchey look has been on the decline recently, but we still see a few of you who think rocking a pair of Ray-Bans indoors makes you look like a celebrity. It doesn’t. Real celebrities, this applies to you, too. This is Vegas, baby. We see your kind on the regular. Leave the shades in the limo.

And our number one nightclub pet peeve is…

1. Ladies going barefoot – Nothing, and we mean nothing, irks the nightclub staff we talk to more than ladies wandering around without their shoes, giving the whole place a ratchet vibe—not to mention putting their blackened toes right next to all those nice, clean drinks. Pro tip: Pack a pair of fold-up flats in your bag. (Some casinos have them in the vending machines!). Even better: Wear shoes that are actually comfortable, and practice walking in them beforehand.

Because nothing says amateur like someone tottering around in her stilettos like a colt on stilts.