Take Five

Meet DJ Five, Las Vegas professional and DJ extraordinare

Jerid Choensookasem is a popular Vegas favorite who’s known on stage as DJ Five. The turntablist hails from Cerritos, CA and began playing the Las Vegas nightlife circuit in 2000-2001. Since his beginnings, he’s established himself as each major club’s go-to ringer and now frequents the DJ booths of Tao, Hyde, 1Oak, Omnia, Drai’s, Light, Daylight, and Tao Beach.

The open format DJ prefers Bud Lite and Jameson as his drinks of choice and told us that Pho Kim Long and Buffalo Wild Wings are his favorite late-night food spots. He knows the lay of the land around the Strip as a Vegas player for over 15 years and has quite a few tips and tricks for partiers on their way to Las Vegas. He suggests downtown Las Vegas out on East Freemont Street for tourists to check out. He credits the ever-changing area as his favorite tourist destination near the Strip. He’s also a fan of Celine Dion and says she’s his favorite Vegas performer! When it comes to pre-gaming and hangout spots for pre-party shenanigans, he says that the Golden Tiki or any side bar in a casino are usually great places to start.

The amiable DJ tells us that he winds down after shows with “real foot massages, not the rub and tug ones,” (LOL!) and when asked what his craziest Vegas story is, he says he “got blacked out drunk and ended up at the Rhino eating chicken fingers while getting a lap dance. That’s the craziest I get these days…”

In addition to frequently taking the decks all over the Strip, DJ Five teamed up with Eric D-Lux to create FAED; their DJ supergroup that he says will be going on a tour titled “The Lazy Bums tour” in the near future, in addition to working new music together. He also works on a website called HeadlinerMusicClub.com, a resource credited as “a website built for professional DJs to provide them with the best music and resources needed to perform at their highest potential.”