Anchormen: August 21st

They are wild, perfectly manicured, entertaining and speak to the beat of their own drums. These brave men and women are the characters that bring you the most up-to-date Las Vegas nightlife excitement throughout the year and are in no way afraid of ending up on YouTube with a world class blooper. Help rate your favorite Anchormen of Las Vegas and help decide who in each category wins $1,000 for being awesome at Chateau Nightclub on Wednesday, August 21st!

How it works? Every valid human being may vote once per day until the night of the contest on Wednesday, August 21st (we screen all e-mail addresses through a thorough verification system and visually inspect all voting data for suspicious activity prior to calling the winners). The top two finalists from each category will go head-to-head on stage at Chateau, where crowd response will select the winners!