Heineken’s Mustache November

We invite you to help support the fight against prostate cancer by sponsoring a ‘grower’ in Heineken’s Mustache November! We’ve rounded up a fantastic group of Las Vegas locals who have agreed to grow their mustaches throughout the month of November for charity, and they need your support to help them raise the most money possible. Those who have the strongest support of their sponsors — and a seriously good looking stache, will be judged at the finale at LAVO Brunch on Saturday, December 1st to possibly win a trip for two to New York City!




Adam Bagwell
Adam Sadie
Brad Wilkinson
Chris Rogers
Corey Nigrelli
Denver Miller
Dillon Reese
DJ Ikon
DJ Que
Jesus Santoyo
Kozmoe Alonzo
Lee Million
Levi Dowling
Manny Kess
Mark Gray
Mason Gray
Michael Mills
Mr. T
Nick Ascenzo
Nick Laymon
Oliver Abbas
Patrick Haggerty
Roger Sachs
Roger Sanz
Ryan Doherty
Sean Dunn
Shaun O’Neale
Stan Tudor
Tee-Are Coleman
Todd Parmelee
Tom Ruesenberg
Terry Cress
Tony Cress
Travis Heinrich


How the points system works.

While everyone who participates in raising money for Mustache November is already a winner in our book, the grand prize will be awarded to the grower who scores the highest number of points by 1) raising the most money, 2) having the best participation of friends and colleagues at the events and 3) who gets the most points from our official mustache judges at the finale on December 1st at LAVO Brunch.

Best In Style Categories.

We are also awarding a number of “Best Of” trophies for the following categories:

“Best 9-to-5 Mustache.”
“Most Likely to be Confused with a Mass Murderer Mustache.”
“Most Likely to wear to Church Mustache.”
“Longest Mustache.”
“Most Stylish.”
“Best Pornstar Mustache.”
“Probably Shouldn’t Ever Grow a Mustache Again, Mustache.”
“Babyface Mustache.”
“Most Original.”
“Celebrity Lookalike.”