A Las Vegas transplant from Massillon Ohio. Freddy B was born in Canton, Ohio in June of 1985. His journey began in middle school where he fell in love with entertaining, and music. He took the stage with band, choir, and show choir. This is where he began to learn the fundamentals of music composition, acting, and dancing.

By 8th grade he was competing in solo singing competitions, studying jazz/hip-hop dance at Theater Dance Center, and acting at Theater 8:15, both in Green Ohio. In 1999, He entered Massillon Washington High School where he continued music vocally, and instrumentally doing competition drum lines, and orchestra. He received top ratings in all fields of musical competition for four years as well as worked with a dance & vocal coach consistently each week. Freddy was a member of one of the nations (and world renowned) top show choirs and concert choirs; The Washingtonians and The Massillon Advanced Chorus. In July and August of 2002 he worked with Hector Olivera, an internationally acclaimed organist from Germany, on his CD “Visions.” Freddy provided backup vocals and vocal sound effects on two of Mr. Olivera’s tracks. It was his senior year of high school in 2003 when his interest in nightlife, and dance music began to peak. “I always ran with an older crowd, so getting access to nightclubs before the age of 21 was never a problem. “I would make my way to the DJ booths and watch the night unfold.” says Freddy.

After high school graduation, he enrolled part-time at Kent State University. Freddy knew what he wanted to do in life with the entertainment industry, but thought college was what every kid was supposed to do. Along with 2003 came the Myspace boom and that’s where life changed for him and “Freddy B” was born. “I began to market myself through Myspace and quickly gained popularity. Teen nightclubs in Ohio began asking me to host nights at their place as Myspaces’ ‘Freddy B’. I would show up, talk on the microphone, and mingle with their crowds.” It was at this point in his life that he began working with a guy who would introduce him to the world of being a DJ; Matt Ring (DJ Orlando). Matt and Freddy began closely working together on events. DJ Orlando began to teach him the fundamentals of DJing and also the art of mixing music. In 2004, Freddy began working with two DJ’s at POSH Nightclub (Ohios Largest Nightclub): Jerry Humes & Jacob Hadden. The four of them put their hands in every major nightclub and event taking place in Ohio. Freddy began to host/emcee events and fashion shows at different nightclub venues throughout Ohio. In addition to his emceeing he was able to start DJing.

It was 2005-2007 when Freddy began to host live, on-stage concerts and events with artists such as Brooke Hogan, Jeannie Ortega, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, and 80’s legends PM Dawn. He also had the opportunity to host various nightclub tours with “reality television stars.” Freddy participated in recordings for the VH1 shows “Hogan Knows Best” and “Mission Man Band” during those events. In September of 2007 Freddy was asked by Mike Scher of MTV New York to guest VJ MTV’s TRL via web-cam. Freddy critiqued the premier of Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent’s video “AYO Technology,” which aired 9-19-2007. Also in 2007, Freddy guest hosted, appeared, and was interviewed three times on Ohio’s Z88 WZIP FM on the “Terence J Top 3 at 3” radio show.

By the middle of 2007 Freddy B was booked 6 nights a week DJing and appearing at events. In 2008 he became a finalist in the host search for to host videos at Los Angeles premiers. Freddy was critiqued by some of Hollywood’s major casting directors such as Alec Shankman, Annie Roberts, and Andrew Strauser. In January of 2008 he withdrew from his part-time college status to plan his move to Las Vegas. “I was planning to pursue professional television/event hosting as well as break through the ceiling in the DJ/Production world.” says Freddy. He began flying back and forth to Los Angeles from Ohio to work with Marki Costello, the self-proclaimed and widely acknowledged “Queen of Hosting.” Costello’s name is well-established as she is a highly respected hosting agent in Hollywood. Freddy also had the opportunity to work with Matt Gallant, the host of Animal Planet’s: “Worlds Funniest Animals.”

In July of 2008 Freddy was offered a position in Las Vegas DJing events, and hosting the online web show for By September 2008 He had made his move to Las Vegas. changed and went nationwide. Freddy now travels to each city to DJ their parties, as well as being booked nationwide, and in Las Vegas. 2009 held over 40 nationwide shows for Freddy, and in 2010 he is recognized as one of the fastest rising electronic music DJ’s on the scene. Playing venues from San Francisco to Boston, with his first production due in late 2011.


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