Part Las Vegas, part Los Angeles, Tao Group’s Assistant Director of Marketing, Michelle Engstrom, is known throughout Las Vegas nightlife for her unique style and keen fashion sense. Read our below interview as Michelle discusses what inspires her wardrobe, and as she offers a few shopping tips for Las Vegas visitors.

LasVegasNightclubs.com: How would you describe your personal style?

Michelle Engstrom: My personal style is definitely LA inspired.  I love mixing a leather jacket with jeans or a mini skirt, a basic v-neck, and a great pair of heels.  Living in LA for 5 years, I adopted a lot of black clothing, seems to still be my signature style since I’ve lived in Vegas.

What brands and stores do you enjoy?

Barneys, Beckley, and Top Shop are some of my favorite stores, although I’m not very particular about brands with the exception of my shoes.  I’ll mix an H&M basic with a designer shoe all the time, the most important thing is that I feel presentable and comfortable when I walk out of the house.

Do you get inspirations from anyone, or any place, for your signature looks, or do you just kind of put things together as you see them? 

I tend to just put together my looks on the fly based on how I’m feeling at that moment, but www.whowhatwear.com is a great resource when I’m looking for some fashion inspiration.

Do you feel like Las Vegas is ahead or behind the fashion curve?

Vegas is hard to judge because there are so many tourists from other cities that throw off the fashion curve (read: rhinestones and graphic tees), but there are definitely plenty of fashionable stores for us to choose from here.

Why do you feel fashion is so important?

Fashion is so important because it’s a tool we use to present ourselves to others.  When I first started in nightlife 7 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I figured out that if I dressed the part and acted confident, people would take me more seriously.  It worked.

How would you describe your perfect night out in Vegas?

My perfect night out in Vegas is a nice dinner with friends followed by cocktails or some kind of fun activity, like Fremont Street or maybe bowling.  Everyone works so much it’s rare we can all get together, but a nice dinner is usually my favorite way to spend a night out.

What is something that LasVegasNightclubs.com readers would be interested to know about you?

I get made fun of all the time at work for wearing so much black in the nightclub.  Truth be told, it’s the smartest decision I’ve ever made as you can’t tell when someone spills a drink on me (which is often)!

Who are three people in Vegas nightlife you feel should also be honored for their impressive style?

Joey Williams (TAO), Larson Legris (Marquee), Eric D-Lux (DJ)