In the first installment of our 2012 list of the Most Influential People in Las Vegas nightlife, we spoke with Steven Lockwood, who has been an instrumental player in developing the local’s events and promotions we’ve become accustomed to modern day Las Vegas nightlife. Read below as he describes the ultimate Vegas nightclub event! How did you first begin to work in Las Vegas nightlife?

Steven Lockwood: I was a street promoter for Sound Bar and a sub-promoter for an independent promoter who worked for Gino Lopinto at Ra Nightclub. I started off doing parking lots for Blue Man Moving with Corey Evans and Brian and Jimmy Foster. What is the biggest difference you see in nightlife marketing of today compared to ten years ago?

Steven Lockwood: The biggest difference I see is now its not about putting time on the street of flyering cars, it’s more social media driven. Where in minutes you could fill your guest list of a 100 people as it would take phone calls and text messages back in the day from what I’m used to. Say you had $250,000 to throw a celebrity-oriented event. What type of celebrity do you think provides the most bang for the buck, and why?

Steven Lockwood: I would do something a little different, I would do a collaboration type of event with video, EDM music, pop, rock and rap. If it were just to be one celebrity for that much money its hard to choose, there’s so many that I have worked with that were so amazing. What are the key pieces to throwing the best local’s events?

Steven Lockwood: Making sure that you have a great invitation that they are hand-dropped off and that the most influential people are invited – that year’s socialites are there. And of course, a ton of girls. How do you walk the balance in Las Vegas of catering to tourists and locals alike?

Steven Lockwood: Depends on the night. On weekdays we obviously cater more to the locals and what they care about versus the weekends where we focus more on wide based popularity for tourists. Over the years you have thrown hundreds of parties, what have been your favorites so far?

Steven Lockwood: Times have changed over the years. It used to be you would just show up with your friends and that was a party, then concept parties came along which evolved to list parties and then that transformed into celebrity appearances, eventually into having artists and now exploded into having DJ’s. I would say all of my parties have been memorable. What advice do you have for someone looking to win a nightlife contest?

Steven Lockwood: I would say wear the best outfit, invite a ton of your friends, make sure you look good and are comfortable and definitely flirt with the judges and people who put the event together. You have witnessed firsthand the changes between traditional nightlife marketing, and today’s largely digital and social media forms of marketing. Which do you prefer?

Steven Lockwood: All of the above I think the best promoters, hosts and nightlife employees in general need to learn to use both their social and digital media skills as well as their social skills. Being nice goes a long way. What advice do you have for someone looking to follow a similar career as yours?

Steven Lockwood: Honestly, go out a fair amount, meet as many people as you can, make sure to collect their contact information and always follow up.