Sancho Van Ryan.

In the seven years that we have been doing lists of the Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, we have rarely found someone as genuinely passionate and excited about Las Vegas nightlife as Sancho Van Ryan. He lives, eats, and breathes all the go with the ‘industry family.’ Whats more, he even willingly goes out on holiday weekends. No local does that!

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Las Vegas?

I grew up half in India (till age 7) and then Australia. I was working on the Beach in the Cayman Islands when I met a girl from Las Vegas. Came here on holiday and was signed by ENVY models and decided to move here after spending that summer in Europe.

What do you find to be beautiful?

I think personality and charisma is beautiful, ambition, especially in business and drive to do something special and creative and maybe different from everyone else is really beautiful to me. And of course……… Big Boobies lol, seriously though looks are important but the rest is even more important.

Describe your perfect day.

Wow, the perfect day…..  Would have to be for me since I love music and Electronic Music in particular, the perfect day for me was just last Sunday and consisted of: Heavy workout, Encore Beach Club with all the industry family, Electric Daisy Carnival finale with all my friends able to let loose and have an amazing experience dancing with 100,000 people at the Las Vegas motor speedway

What hobbies, hidden talents, and activities do you enjoy?

I actually really enjoy the business side of what I have done, creating brands and the connections between people. I used to DJ along time ago so any chance I get to play around on the decks these day is lots of fun. I Also spent the majority of my life doing missionary volunteer work. I ran the youth program for the entire pacific and south east asia region and went on 2 missions one to India and the other, I managed a multi-national youth outreach center in Veracruz, Mexico. Whenever I can I love to support causes like this.

Are you involved in any side businesses, projects, or charities that we can plug within your profile?

I’m involved with my brothers (of whom I have 8!) In an international business consultancy that facilitates cross border deals mainly between emerging markets where most of us are located because of our family’s history of volunteer work in Asia. Im excited as its really starting to gather some steam and allows me to interact with my family more even though were so far away from each other.

Also my sister has her own NGO which fights child prostitution and human trafficking in south easy asia and its a great cause to support. see for more details.

If we were to select the 2013 Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, who would you nominate to be included?

Wow thats tough! Off the top of my head though: Jroc, Ryan Labbe, Ronn Nicolli, Jared Garcia, RMC, Max Masterson, James Madders, Chris Constantinos, Gino DiPietro, Joey Orr, Brittany Guy, Kristine Stokes, Katrina Phan , Tess Balesteri , Lauren Jarreau, Dana Kay, Allana Mae, Mimi Leville, Shanna Crane, Jeannie Duffy, Jessica Raugust, Bridget Peters, Karla Luna, Jen Loucks, Brittany Diiorio, Melanie James, Erick Kenny, Valaila Rath, Shannon Kelly, Kimberley Anne Byrne, Priscilla Quick, Jenna Kuhlman, Brittany Kirk, Rana Turujman, Lensa Wagari

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