As one of the fastest rising stars in Las Vegas nightlife’s independent hosting field, Noah Auspitz ranked highest in our 2011 direct polling of nightclub hosts and podium managers as for which concierge company had the highest level of customer service, provided a consistent stream of customers, and had an overall positive reputation. In addition to his work in the independent field, Auspitz is no stranger to competing in, and winning, many of the annual nightlife contests, taking home victories as one of the Top 30 under 30, Most Valuable Partier, and as one of our Most Beautiful People. What began your career in Las Vegas nightlife?

Noah Auspitz: I started working for a hosting company right from the start. I trained for 6 months, learned the ropes, met the locals, and started to build relationships.

JC: Why did you choose to focus exclusively on the independent side of the industry?

NA: I’ve been on the other side working in a nightclub and felt I could achieve more by working for myself. I get to focus on the goals I want to accomplish down the line. The nightclubs kept a tight leash.

JC: What do you attribute to your professional successes in nightlife, and why do you feel you have succeeded over and above where others have only done an average amount?

NA: Extremely hard work, right out of the gates. I feel like I worked my ass off for the first 5 years and it’s all really starting to pay off.

JC: In your words, what is the difference between an independent host and a nightclub host?

NA: It’s basically the same thing but as an independent host we can provide a greater level of service. I have more time developing relationships and being around the clients more. I am universal when it comes to where the client would like to go. It’s all about being a jack of all trades in the nightclub business.

JC: What customers benefit the most from using independent concierge services?

NA: A guarantee for their money and a higher level of 24 hour service in Vegas.

JC: Who would you recommend not to use your services?

NA: Probably the person who is looking for the cheapest deal possible, and when they feel like this is something they can do on their own.

JC: You have a very strong relationship with Tao Group. How did this begin?

NA: It all started with LAVO and being a huge supporter of the brand. Preforming on my highest level, which felt like was always appreciated.

JC: How much of an impact would you say participating inthe Las Vegas nightlife contests has been on your overall career?

NA: I feel these contests have helped to build the VIPnVegas brand and definitely gained some notoriety as well.

JC: How do you balance the late nights and early office hours?

NA: It can be hard to manage. Less drinking before the early days, knowing when to go home.

JC: What are the best and worst parts of your job?

NA: Best part would be being out and about hosting and having fun. Worst part would be dealing with the administrative side of the business!

JC: What advice would you have to someone looking to win a Vegas nightlife contest?

NA: Build a huge network, start promoting early, put in a lot of time, and don’t stop promoting till your done celebrating your win.

JC: What advice would you have to someone looking to do what you do?

NA: People think this job is a piece of cake, but my advice is work hard and your reward will certainly come around. Never burn bridges and always keep your relationships strong.