Misty Rose Brown

Quick Interview:

1) If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you move here from?
I was born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas.

2) Celebrity crush?
Jim Morrison. Can someone please bend the space time continuum so I can make this fantasy happen?

3) What do you enjoy the most about Las Vegas nightlife?
I enjoy popping bottles, music, dance offs with strangers in confetti showers, jumping on couches and laughing until my abs hurt at parties I’ll vaguely remember with people I’ll never forget. Nightlife is my playground.

4) Do you prefer your men in boxers or briefs?

5) What’s your favorite feature on you?
My smile is my favorite feature.

6) Top or bottom?
Bunk Beds? Dibs on top!

7) Favorite feature on a guy?
Eyes are the windows to the soul.

8) Why should you be named Miss Industry Las Vegas?
I should be named Miss Industry Las Vegas because it’s my job to make the industry more fun and the world a better place. If I win, 100% of my prize money will be donated to http://www.agohelma.org.et and used to provide clothes, education, health, recreation and other basic necessities for orphans in Ethiopia.