Megan Cousins

Quick Interview:

1) If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you move here from?
Virginia City, N. It’s a small country town in between Reno and Lake Tahoe.

2) Celebrity crush?

3) What do you enjoy the most about Las Vegas nightlife?
Our amazing DJs that no other city gets to have as frequently and our sick lights.

4) Do you prefer your men in boxers or briefs?
Briefs, they’re tighter.

5) What’s your favorite feature on you?
My multi changing eye color. Grey blue and green 🙂

6) Top or bottom?
This question should be more specific, but ill take it as, would I rather be on the top of the world or feeling down on the ground. The top for sure!

7) Favorite feature on a guy?
Face of course attraction is key.

8) Why should you be named Miss Industry Las Vegas?
Because My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard and dam right my guest list is better than yours.