He’s either standing behind the turntables or sitting at the poker tables. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And maybe a little sleep, but that’s his business. Whichever tables you find him at, just keep in mind that DJ 5ive is dangerous. Groomed in one of the epicenters of turntablism, Cerritos CA, it was a simple task for DJ 5ive to become the top seed in Las Vegas, Nevada. With DMC-caliber skills, impeccable mixing, a vast knowledge of music and a love for hip-hop that has spanned decades, DJ Five has emerged as the one definitive go-to man in Sin City’s burgeoning nightlife industry. He was voted the #1 DJ of 2004 in Las Vegas’ eyes-and-ears, Las Vegas Life magazine. When pressed to reveal what has put him there, he states, “I can smoke, drink, text message, dance, mix and cut all at once.” He does all the big Las Vegas events and has played at every hot spot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. DJs across the nation show him love whether he’s the visitor or the visited. Initially inspired by DJ Premier’s work on the Gangstarr classics, DJ 5ive honed his craft by mimicking DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Live at Union Square. His knowledge of rock and pop music came from those late nights spent in Las Vegas strip clubs, all the while straddling that line between mainstream and street cred by associating himself both with the backpack hip-hop movement and paying close attention to the trajectory of hip-hop as it crossed over into popular culture. Unless he turns pro on the World Poker Tour, expect to see big things from DJ 5ive in near future!