Gray Fernandez

Quick Interview:

1) If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you move here from?
Im originaly from New Port beach, CA but i was raised here in Las Vegas since 1997. What i do miss the most is the beach, but living in the city of sins; i’ve gotten used to this bipolar weather and its tought me to appreciate the beauties of nature back home.

2) Celebrity crush?
David Beckham!I “LOVE” the british accent. I love colored eyes on a man and athletic body. Gotta love an athletic man and has style! last but not least; I like my men tall.

3) What do you enjoy the most about Las Vegas nightlife?
Everything! There’s so many events to attend every day and night! The contest’s every club has are amazingly fun, The parties, the venues, the pool parties! shall i continue?

4) Do you prefer your men in boxers or briefs?
Well this is an easy question. will my answer still count if i answered as none of the above? I prefer my man to go commando!

5) What’s your favorite feature on you?
I’ll have to say my hips and my bubble butt! As petite as i am, i can honestly say that i got lucky to have a booty with a tiny psyche.

6) Top or bottom?
Top. I like to be in control. But sometimes i like to let my man be in control just to make him feel that he can be in charge sometimes.

7) Favorite feature on a guy?
Beside the good looking features of a man, looks only go so far for me. The features that will really intrigue my interests is a good personality, good sense of humor and brains.

8) Why should you be named Miss Industry Las Vegas?
As an entertainer/ gogo dancer of las vegas; it would be an absolute honor to be nominated as “Miss Industry of Las Vegas” I love my city and i show support, promote all of the Las Vegas events and venues! I like the challenges. I like to have fun, love meeting new people and of course, Hello..! im the life of the party!