Eunice Rubio

Quick Interview:

1) If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you move here from?
I’m originally from Glendale, California then moved to San Diego around 2008, and then i
moved to Las Vegas around 2009.

2) Celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush is Ian Somerholder. He’s funny and so down to earth. He also
has his own foundation on this site that helps
improve the environment and have a sanctuary for animals.

3) What do you enjoy the most about Las Vegas nightlife?
It’s never boring, there’s always something to do, new people to meet, i love it!

4) Do you prefer your men in boxers or briefs?
It doesn’t really matter to me as long as you got a good body.

5) What’s your favorite feature on you?
My favorite feature on me is my smile. I always get compliments from it.

6) Top or bottom?
Top! Whatever that means. 🙂

7) Favorite feature on a guy?
I love love love tall guys! Im only 5’3 so I always prefer my guy to be over 6’0 feet.
I feel more secure and safe when they are taller than me.

8) Why should you be named Miss Industry Las Vegas?
I should be named Miss Industry Las Vegas because i’ve been around long enough
to know almost everyone and the best clubs to go to, best restaurants to eat at and plus I look
good in a porsche.