Claudia Cardenas.

How long have you lived in Las Vegas?

I moved here in January 2007. Oh wow, I just realized that it has already been 5 years! I guess time flys when you are having fun!

If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you grow up and what brought you to Las Vegas?

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, then I moved to Miami and then to Vegas baby! What brought me here was the las vegas pool scene and the crazy amount of people that visit this city year round. Las Vegas is a perfect place to market, promote and network  my swimsuit line.

What do you find to be beautiful?

A good soul, great attitude, kindness, a good sense of humor and confidence. Also the outdoors and nature are beautiful.

Describe your perfect day:

Sleep in and do absolutely nothing.

What hobbies, hidden talents, and activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy spending quality time with the people that I love and care about.

Are you involved in any side businesses, projects, or charities?

My main businesses is my passion. If you don’t know I’m the co-founder and designer of Perfect Tan bikini, which is the best bikini ever invented! Check out my website and you see what I’m talking about

If we were to select the 2013 Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, who would you nominate to be included?

Kalika Moquin, Gino and Angelo Dipietro.


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