Heather Delorme in booze frenzy!

Fame can come to a person for many reasons — some intentional, others not. But for our list of 2012’s fastest rising stars in Las Vegas nightlife, their inherent combination of an outgoing personality, strong work ethic, a penchant for always being the life of the party and a knack for always being at the right place at the right time have helped to make each of them both locally famous and generally notorious amongst Las Vegas visitors.

The thirty five honorees are each being celebrated and provided copious amounts of alcohol at Pure Nightclub and LasVegasNightclubs.com’s feature celebration, Almost Famous:

And since we tend to avoid boring interviews, we’ve asked them each all of the questions that absolutely no one really wanted to know….

Meet Heather Delorme.

How long have you lived in Las Vegas? If not born here, where did you move from?

6 years. Moved from a town of 8 thousand people called Menominee, Michigan. Talk about a culture shock.

How did you get your start in Las Vegas nightlife?

Throwing up in the Blush trashcan. History writes itself.

If you were to star in a reality show, what would it be about?

Host of a Hunger Games for anyone that has negative feelings towards the Green Bay Packers.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were photographed helping a celebrity to their car and then all of the sudden you were embroiled in an international sex scandal that was all over the magazines, do you:

  • A: Keep quiet and avoid interview requests.
  • B: Shop your story to the highest bidder.
  • C: Deny any involvement whatsoever.
  • D: Embellish the story to make you sound way more interesting than you are.
  • E: This isn’t hypothetical at all, you’ve already been in this situation before.

F: No comment… but yes.

What do you attribute to you becoming such a familiar face in Las Vegas?

Happy Heather Dance…. everyone knows the Happy Heather Dance.

OJ Simpson is currently incarcerated in Northern Nevada and you’ve suddenly got your hands on an all access visitors pass. What do you ask him?

What is your stand point on safe sex in America. Would you say “No Glove No Love”??

Boff, Marry, Kill: Bob Barker, The Hoff, Hulk Hogan

Marry: Bob Barker… another one bites the dust

Kill: Hulk Hogan (lets put the mystic tan out of its misery)

Fuck: The Hoff… then eat a cheeseburger

Part of being famous is letting the world know what you find to be sexy — but there is a catch, you aren’t allowed to give the safe and boring answers of “confidence, class and the same interests.” So, what do you find to be sexy?

He got a big booty so I call him Big Booty

You wake up to find your picture on the main page of TMZ.com, what does the headline say?

“Heather DeLorme passes out in a pool of Patron XO”

When you are 75 years old with a Grandkid on your knee, what stories will you share from your time in Las Vegas nightlife?

Grandkids: “Grandma, what was it like living in Las Vegas and being in the nightlife?”

Me: “Kids, those are the kind of stories you have to wait until you’re older to hear”