Nicole McCowan

Nicole McCowan

Venue of Employment: Treasure Island Pool 

Job Title: Cocktail Waitress 

Instagram Handle: @nicolekaylene_


If not originally from Las Vegas, where did you move here from? 

Washington State! A small town called Tri Cities. 


How did you start working in the nightlife or hospitality industry? Give a brief work history / background.

I had some friends living here in Las Vegas, so I thought it would be fun to move and try something different! I started at the Golden Nugget Pool and have worked for Light, and now Treasure Island!  


Now that you are working in the industry, what is different about your lifestyle?

I wouldn’t say much is different. I try to keep a good balance between work, staying active, and my social life! 


What does a typical day at work look like for you and what is your “normal” schedule?

A typical day is from 9-5 in this vegas heat!


How long does it take you to get ready for work?

Depends on the day! But usually no longer than an hour. 


How many nights a week do you go out (to a club)?

I usually go out once a week or maybe once every other week! 


Who is your favorite DJ/performer in the Las Vegas market right now?

Kygo, or recently Rufus Du Sol played here which is awesome! I’ve been listening to them for about 3 years. 


What is your drink (alcoholic) of choice?

Tito’s and soda ! Nothing fancy 


What is your secret cure to a hangover?

Lots of sleep, a good meal and some pedialyte ! 


What was the longest timeframe you have stayed awake? When and why?

Working EDC skydeck this year! Long hours but a great experience and definitely worth it!


What do you enjoy most about working in the nightlife or hospitality industry in Las Vegas?

I enjoy getting to meet people from all of the world! It’s so exciting and fast paced. 


What is your least favorite part about working in the nightlife or hospitality industry in Las Vegas?

Sometimes the long hours in the sun really burns me out! But I just try and always remind myself of the positives and the aspects of the job that I really enjoy. 


If you were not working in nightlife or hospitality, what would you be doing?

Probably some kind of outside sales position! I love talking to people and networking! 


Do you have a mentor in the industry? If so, who? If not, who would you like to be mentored by?

I don’t currently have one ! But there are several people I look up to and that I’ve seen advance in their careers and I’m so happy/ proud of them! 


Craziest or most memorable experience working in the nightlife or hospitality industry in Las Vegas?

There are too many to name! Tons of fun times and I feel so grateful to experience it all and be a part of the Las Vegas hospitality industry! It’s truly the best.