Haunted Houses, Girl Bullies, Pizza Hut, and Strip Clubs!

Hopefully you survived Halloween weekend in Vegas, it was a long one!

The LasVegasNightclubs.com crew was out in full force Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, visiting Bank Nightclub, Crazy Horse 3, Ghostbar, and Hyde (3 nights in a row).

Wednesday night we visited Light nightclub for the Blackout Artists and Viva Vegas event (thanks Kalika Moquin and Sancho Van Ryan!). Friday took us to Dive Bar (Gigi Angelique, Jenn T, and Evan Foxx), Ghostbar, and Hyde to see DJ Exodus and DJ Ikon. And Saturday? Yikes. Let’s just say when Ben Brownback texts you for your address, don’t ask why, just give it to him. He sent a party bus filled with awesomeness by my house and treated me to a fun-filled evening of haunted houses, Pizza Hut, and Hyde Nightclub.

The haunted house was great up until I punched a dude who chased me with a chainsaw (a perfectly reasonable response, I’d say). Then Ben, who was dressed as a Pizza Hut General Manager, sent the limo to Pizza Hut and (standing next to a man in a pizza costume) demanded the finest pizzas they had available.

After Hyde, Jessica Blair kindly sent a Crazy Horse 3 limo to pick up Shannon Robinson (everyone’s favorite Aussie from Thunder From Down Under) and I for what ended up being another one of those completely innocent “at a strip club until 8AM” kind of nights.

Recovered and suited back up for more mayhem, I met up with Ben Brownback, DJ Sincere, Anthony Nuzzo, Andrew Kahn, Lindsey and Charlotte Pinapfel, Scott Diel, Jai Shaun White, Hardknox, Randy Foster, Eric Chine, Anup Patel, Rick Augustine, Richard Chapp, Alex Sabate, Levi Dowling, Omari Hogan, and a whole lot of others for the infamous XIV party at Hyde nightclub, where at least several dozen people doused me in champagne.

Then, unfortunately (or fortunately?) a girl bullied me, stole my Halloween costume, and left me in my underwear!

And here’s the thing about that. I went over to Bank Nightclub afterwards and apparently security at the door wasn’t too keen on the whole my not having pants on thing. It took a little convincing but they finally caved and let me in, where I ran into Magin Allred, DJ Karma, and whoever’s table I inadvertently crashed at for the rest of the night.